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We plan broad and balanced experiences based on the learning objectives in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Topics are planned on a half-termly basis. We give children opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and potential in a secure and encouraging environment both in and outdoors.

As an aide to effective communication with our Parents/Carers your child’s Key Worker will give you feedback on your child’s day. For children in our 0-1 and 1-2 Rooms this takes the form of a 'Home Links Book' in which you can pass relevant messages back to us at your child’s next session. For children in our 2-3 Room and in the Pre-School this information will be given on a daily activity sheet.

Each child has a Development Profile in which samples of their work and notes of observations will be kept as a record of their progress and achievements. Children in Pre-School enjoy looking through their own files and adding pictures themselves. You are welcome to view your child’s file at any time and are encouraged to add your own comments about your child's development.

We teach and use Makaton signs with all children as part of our daily practice, enabling our younger children to communicate both verbally and non-verbally.

Fresh drinking water is available for children throughout the day.

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