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At 3 years of age your child will move to our separate Pre-School building with its own outdoor area.

The outdoor area has a den, playhouse, planters for growing and digging, sandpit, water tray, chalkboards, mud kitchen, seating and is well equipped with toys, building blocks, crates, scooters and bikes. Children go to the adventure playground on site and for walks in the woods, hunt minibeasts and have stories under the trees.

Pre-School children have some special activities throughout the year that Parents/Carers can get involved in:

  • Annual Sports Day
  • Christmas Carols in Blakemere Courtyard
  • Graduation Ceremony on leaving Oakmere




We plan broad and balanced experiences based on the learning objectives in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (relationships, confidence, feelings)
  • Physical Development (movement, health, self-care)
  • Communication and Language (listening, understanding, speaking)
  • Literacy (reading, writing)
  • Mathematics (numbers, shapes, space, measures)
  • Understanding the World (people, the world, technology)
  • Expressive Arts and Design (using media and materials, imagination)

We assess your child’s progress against objectives. Future plans are informed by your child’s achievements and interests thus giving a more individualised learning experience.

There is an appropriate balance between free and structured play. Children are encouraged to become more independent in making their own choices in their learning.

The learning areas and daily routine are similar to a Reception class in Primary School with register time, snack time and library; this is good preparation for when your child moves on in their school career. We have good links with many local Primary Schools and Reception class teachers are invited to come to Oakmere to discuss individual children’s progress.

A typical day for your child in Pre-School might include the following activities:

  • painting
  • drawing
  • craft activities
  • play dough and plasticine modelling
  • junk modelling
  • Makaton
  • number work
  • shapes and colours
  • mark making
  • sand and water play
  • story time
  • singing and music
  • music and movement
  • yoga
  • Spanish
  • circle time
  • parachute games
  • bat and ball games
  • climbing
  • riding
  • planting
  • cooking
  • role play
  • big and small construction
  • small world table top activities
  • educational computer games
  • running around on the field

Daily Routine


Parents and children are welcomed into Pre-School. Free play activities are chosen and set up.


Register is taken, the children self register using their picture with their name on. Staff and children plan the day's activities.


Hand washing and breakfast time.


Free play time, the children independently choose their activities and can change them freely/adult led activities.


Outdoor time in the outdoor area or a walk in the woods / Adventure Playground.


Hand washing and lunch.


Registration time for the afternoon session.


Free play activities/adult led activities.


Outdoor time in the outdoor area.


Hand washing and tea time.


Story time.


Free play activities/adult led activities.


Hand washing and snack time then free play.


Home time. Parents will be briefed about their child’s day.


This is a general overview of the daily routine. Activities and the times may change. We follow Parents' routines, so the daily routine may vary for individuals.


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