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£60 per day 8am-6pm
£40 per session 8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm
£280 per week (5 days attendance)
Early Starts from 7am £10, from 7.30am £5

Fees include all snacks, meals, nappies and wipes required during your child’s stay in Nursery.

When your child is in receipt of a funded place in Pre-School you will be asked to provide your own nappies/pullups and there will be a charge of £4 per meal on funded sessions, you may provide your own meals if you prefer (subject to conditions).

As the choice of branded formula milk is a personal preference we ask that it be provided from home.  Breast milk can be brought in.

We offer Term-time only places in Nursery, when in receipt of 3-4 year old funding places are stretched over 52 weeks.

Discounts will be given for siblings, applied to the oldest child until in receipt of funding.

We offer funded places for 3 and 4 year olds, both the universal 570 hours and the extended 570 hours which is available to eligible Parents, both are offered over 52 weeks. We also offer funded places for eligible 2 year olds.

We accept all major childcare vouchers and payments through tax free childcare accounts.


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