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Admissions Policy

Our application form can be download below:

Application Form (PDF, 150kB) Oakmere Application Form (PDF, 150kB)

Current fees are available on request - please contact us for further details.

Terms & Conditions

Children’s fees are payable in advance on the first of the month.

To book a Nursery place a securing deposit is required upon submission of the application form. This amount shall be deducted from the first month’s fees. The deposit is £50 for a full time place and £25 for a part time place.

Fees include all snacks, meals, nappies and wipes required during your child’s stay in Nursery. When your child receives funding in Pre-School you will provide your own nappies/pullups and there will be an extra charge for meals (you may provide your own meals subject to conditions).

Sudocrem and Paracetamol should be brought from home labelled with your child’s name when required. We provide a gym bag for spare clothes etc. Formula or breast milk should be provided from home.

We offer the universal 570 hours of funded childcare which is available to parents of all children the term after their third birthday on a stretched basis over 52 weeks. We also offer the additional 570 hours to eligible parents, again stretched over 52 weeks. Days and sessions are subject to availability.

No refund will be given for periods when your child’s place is unfilled due to illness or holidays.

No deduction is made for Bank Holidays.

Fees may be reviewed at any time.

Until in receipt of funding, discounts will be given for siblings, applied to the oldest child.

A 50% retainer is payable for the ‘holiday’ weeks of a term-time place in Nursery.

If fees remain unpaid for a period of three weeks after the due date we reserve the right to terminate your child’s place with one week’s notice. A late payment fee may be charged.

The Nursery is open all year round excluding Bank Holidays. Standard opening hours are 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday. Morning sessions are 8am – 1pm. Afternoon sessions are 1pm – 6pm. We can provide childcare from 7am should this be required, charged at a separate rate.

Late collection of children without notice may incur an extra charge.

Termination of a child’s place requires 4 weeks notice. Any alteration to sessions requires 2 weeks notice, subject to availability.

We reserve the right to exclude a child from Nursery/Pre-School with one weeks notice.

All early starts, from 7am, must be booked /cancelled at least one week in advance, any days cancelled without notice must be paid for. There is an extra charge for early starts.

Children may only be collected by the nominated adults on the enrolment form unless prior agreement is made with the Nursery. All persons collecting children must be 18 or over.

We reserve the right to refuse anyone entry to Nursery or Pre-School.

The Nursery will not accept children who are suffering from sickness or diarrhoea in order to avoid cross infection. Children should be kept at home for 48 hours from the last episode of their illness.

Antibiotics will only be administered by the Nursery after the child has been taking them for at least 24 hours at home and then only with the written authorisation of parents.

We can only administer Paracetamol and/or prescribed medication.

After the MMR we ask parents to keep their child at home for 24 hours in case of any reaction to immunisation.

Should a child fall ill whilst at the nursery we will notify the parents or the alternative emergency contacts and make suitable arrangements.

In the event of a medical emergency we will take your child to hospital, your consent will be sought on enrolment.

Oakmere Children’s Nursery cannot be held responsible for any damage to cars, injury or loss of belongings through usage of the Nursery car park.

We ask that a sunhat and sun cream, factor 50+, are provided by parents during the Summer.




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