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What To Expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage: A Guide for Parents

CWAC What to Expect Sep 2021 (PDF, 6128kB)


Health Policy

Communicable Diseases / Exclusion Periods



Minimum Exclusion Period

Antibiotics prescribed

First day at home, 24hours


Should not attend if have a high temperature. Return when free of a high temperature and feeling well

Vomiting, Diarrhoea

If sent home ill, child must be off for 48 hours from last episode


Until eyes stop weeping

Hand, Foot and Mouth

Until lesions have scabbed and feeling well


Until spots have scabbed over, minimum of 5 days from onset of rash

German Measles, Measles

6 days from onset of rash

Hepatitis A

7 days from onset of jaundice

Meningococcal infection

Until certified well by GP


Until lesions have scabbed

Scarlet Fever

24 hours after start of antibiotics

Scabies, Ringworm

Until treatment commenced


5 days from onset of swelling

Whooping cough

5 days from commencement of antibiotics, 21 days if no antibiotics

Ear infection

24hrs antibiotics at home and if the ear is perforated at home until the discharge dries up

Covid-19 and other respiratory infections

If positive test result for Covid-19 should not attend for 3 days after the day of the test

This list is not exhaustive and guidance from health authorities will be sought if necessary.

There is no need for exclusion from Nursery if a child has head lice, parents will be informed and asked to treat their child.

After the MMR we ask parents to keep their child at home for 24 hours in case of any reaction to immunisation.


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